Best Dance Studio in Arizona – Imperial Ballroom Dance Center Scottsdale Arizona

Welcome to the top rated dance studio in Arizona, Imperial Ballroom Dance Center Scottsdale Arizona.

One of the premier ballroom dance studios in North America, much less Arizona, we have a reputation for being exceptional. We are nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, a hidden gem called Imperial Ballroom Dance Center.
It’s not just because of our gorgeous floating floor, the largest one in Arizona. Nor is it because of the numerous classes and private dance lessons offerings available to every level of student. Nor even our central, accessible location. No, the reason Imperial Ballroom is a rare and precious gem is because of the people at our core.

World-ranked Professional Ballroom couple Inna Berlizyeva and Artem Plakhotnyi, former Ukrainian National Champions, relocated to the United States; bringing extraordinary experience and expertise to the dance floor, and bringing their beloved studio into the heart of Scottsdale. These two, along with the other world-ranked professionally qualified instructors, are the core of Imperial’s success.

These amazing instructors, along with their personalized, individual approach to each and every student, are what separate us from the rest. Imperial Ballroom is the only studio in Arizona that provides a tailored program for their students. This system of personalized instruction factors different aspects in, such as age, experience, dance goals, physical condition, time commitment, learning abilities and so on. Tell us what you’re looking for! Our professional dance instructors will create your personalized dance program, while helping you achieve your dance goals and exceeding every one of your expectations along the way.

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